The Team

photo of sayon

Sayon Syprasoeuth is a practicing visual artist, part of his focus in art is how memory and destruction affects us as humans. He use mixed media to make cool images to tell these stories.  Sayon has over 16 years of advertising experience and has a good sense of esthetic and beauty.  When Sayon isn’t running around visiting his nephew and nieces, he’s either eating or spending all day watching people, or playing tennis.



photo of annette and a cat

Annette Yepiz-Castellanos has over 16 years of graphic design, arts and fashion experiences.  The most important thing in her life are her cats; Sally and Brolli, her two kids Nexxus and Fausto.  When she isn’t driving them around and trimming her cat Sally, she is shopping in her favorite thrift stores or trying to talk to birds in the trees.