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Our Policy:

Firebird Media Design policies: To ensure our customer satisfaction, please read our short policy.

Consultation Time: The initial meeting with our clients will be FREE of charge. Any meeting after that will be billed a hourly rate.
Cancel Fee: Any canceled projects will be billed at normal hourly rates regardless of completion.
Deposit/Advanced Payment: Some jobs will require deposit or advance payment. Usually this will be 25-50% charge upfront depending on the job. Once the job is complete the client is responsible for the remaining balance. If the job is canceled, the client will be billed for the time devoted to the project, and the balance is due, which ever is greater.
Reworks: All project has revisions. The first two revisions are free, each revision after that will be charged an hourly rate.
Final Client Approval: When a project has been approved for print, our designers are not responsible for any errors or delays in production.

Privacy Policy:

Firebird Media Design privacy policy: To ensure our customer trust and satisfaction, please read our privacy.
We at Firebird Media Design have ours clients privacy and protection of contents and information in mind. Therefore, we do not share, distribute or collect information you provide to us, in the form of contents, such as images and data, where we will distribute outside of the realm of what we are hired to do for you.

If FMD is to publicize your content or finished product for our promotional purposes, we will inquire and get your written permission to do so.
We hope you feel secure with us and to allow us to serve your design needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.  You may contact us by phone 949.735.2926.